PP Saddles


PP Saddles

PP Saddles are the perfect fit for your thermoforming application. Polypropylene offers solid performance and excellent value. Polypropylene is a superior material, in terms of durability and cost as compared to raw rubber. Polypropylene does not deteriorate with exposure to sunlight, ozone, or weathering. It is resistant to all types of chemicals, including saltwater. Moreover, PP exhibits excellent resistance to the plasticizers found in a variety of plastic components. The material achieves its superior resistance to high temperatures during processing.

Made from highly durable material, PP saddles have excellent load capacity and are not prone to breakage/disintegration like nylon or leather ones are. Other important properties include abrasion resistance, strength, durability, and an outstanding ability to retain shape even under adverse conditions. Polypropylene is also resistant to degradation by UV light.

We've been a reliable company since 2019, specializing in the production of PP saddles. We are dedicated to developing and supplying excellent quality products.

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